Time to Get Back on the Road!

As some of you may have heard, we announced a couple of Japanese live shows that will be played in late August. And there may be some more dates to come this year.

It is true that we have been quite quiet during the past three years. The only visible thing we’ve done after releasing Saivon lapsi was a festival gig in June 2013. After that, we were quite inactive.


Well, we’ve done this since the early 90s. And there have been many things we’ve learned. One important thing that we’ve realized that in order to keep the band wagon moving, we need to keep the whole band thing interesting to us. And we keep the thing interesting to us by doing new things. Things new and different to us.

Planning to go to Japan isn’t actually a new thing to us, as such. We were almost going to Japan in 2001. But it would have been too expensive us. Besides, at that time the band was in a turbulent stage (we were tired of the band and each other), so it wouldn’t have been a good thing to go there anyway.

But these Japanese live shows will be our first gigs outside Europe, anyway.

The whole ‘we need to do new, interesting things’ mantra doesn’t affect our gigging rate only. It also affects our song-writing. After three symphonic albums, we want to create something completely different. Our music can’t get any bigger any more.

We need to re-invent our style, once again. If you listen to our fourth album (A Virgin and a Whore) and our fifth album (Before the Bleeding Sun), they don’t sound similar at all. Now, we need to make a similar move.

So, we can’t promise you a new album soon. Not yet. But we’ll let you know when something happens. Something worth mentioning, that is.


Jarmo Puolakanaho & Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Twenty Years Since Our First Studio Recording!

Last May, Eternal Tears of Sorrow turned twenty, which is quite an amount of years in my humble opinion. More than a half of my life! This week, it’s twenty years since our first studio recording called ‘Bard’s Burial’. Call it a demo or a promo tape. You can find it on our debut album ‘Sinner’s Serenade’ – the promo tape is the three last songs on the album.

Listen to ‘Bard’s Burial’ and then listen to our latest album ‘Saivon Lapsi’. You could say our style has changed. But then again, we’re not teenagers anymore.

Anyway, this was the dawn of Eternal Tears of Sorrow. Enjoy.

On behalf of EToS,

Jarmo Puolakanaho

Time to Celebrate


I just wanted to tell you that Eternal Tears of Sorrow officially turns twenty years this month! (Unofficially, we may be 21 or 22 years old… But that depends on whether the pre-EToS projects are included or not.)

In May 1994, there were three of us: Altti, Olli-Pekka and I recording our first demo tape (or a promo tape or whatever you want to call it) called “The Seven Goddesses of Frost”. At that time, we had just one dream: to have a release with our name on the front cover. Basically, anything would have been good for us: an LP, a 7″ EP, a CD. Three years later, we had our debut album out and ever since, the years have been wonderful.

During the years, the band has changed a bit and so has our music. But EToS is still the same band with the same attitude. Unfortunately, our lives have changed as well, so we can’t spent all of our free-time on this band anymore, which means we’ll have to take it a bit slower nowadays.

But don’t you worry… We will break this spell of inactivity sooner or later. There’s no way you can get rid of us! I don’t know when this is going to happen. Perhaps this year. Or next year.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the official EToS ritual drink to celebrate our twenty years. Or you can take a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Or a beer or a glass of wine. Or a glass of milk. Or a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Whatever makes you feel good.

Anyway, all you need for the official EToS ritual drink is vodka, Bacardi, tequila and gin. Taken from  the liner notes of our second album, Vilda Mánnu: “Eternal Tears of Sorrow ritual drink: 4cl Vodka, 4cl Gin, 4cl Tequila, 4cl Bacardi. Served without ice at room temperature. Have a nice day!” But very, very, very carefully! Remember, we have warned you!

Cheers and thanks to everyone!

On behalf of all the people who play or have played in this band,

Jarmo Puolakanaho

New Website!

Yes, we finally released our new website! Check it out at http://eternaltears.fi/ !

More news:

Hear us, Angelhearts and Ravenhearts, once again we have news to announce.

Massacre Records is going to release the first single from our forthcoming album ‘Saivon Lapsi’. The single is called ‘Dark Alliance’ and it will be out on the 8th of February.

More details at: http://www.massacre-records.com/index_e.asp


Dear Ravens and Ravenesses,

We’re pleased to inform you that there are more “Saivon Lapsi” pre-sale goods available now!

Levykauppa Äx / Record Shop X is offering an exclusive pre-sale bundle, including “Saivon Lapsi” album + T-shirt (Limited edition with a design that is available only via Levykauppa Äx / Record Shop X)! This bundle is available only as a pre-sale item and the shirt cannot be ordered separately.

International link:http://www.recordshopx.com/artist/eternal_tears_of_sorrow/saivon_lapsi/#cd-t-shirt

Finnish link:http://www.levykauppax.fi/artist/eternal_tears_of_sorrow/saivon_lapsi/#cd-t-paita


Yes, there will be a digipak version, too. And those Germans, always categorizing us as “gothic metal”.


ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW – Saivon Lapsi, OUT ON 22.02.2013

The new and seventh album by the Finnish gothic metal masters ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW Limited edition Digipak including bonus video clip!


Dear fans!

We are proud to announce our partnership with Mad Supply Oy, who will take care of all our merchandise and web shop activities from now on.

And some more great news: You are already able to pre-order the new album or one of those Exclusive Pre-sale bundles! New t-shirts, girlies and hoodies also available!

Welcome to visit our official merchandise shop at:


Back from the Studio!

Recording bass tracks needs some equipment.

Yes, we’re back home from Tico-Tico Studio. The album is almost done. Well, about 50% of the songs still lack vocals and keyboards. We’ve finally starting to hear what the whole album is going to sound like: a very interesting package. Naturally, it’s going to sound a bit different once again, as we never make two similar albums in a row. The album will sound like Eternal Tears of Sorrow. It will sound like what we’re supposed to sound like in 2012.

What makes the whole thing even more interesting is the fact that since Chaotic Beauty, we’ve had at least one new member on each album. On this album, it’s Mika, our lead guitarist who really has an exceptional style of playing and song-writing. There’s something similar between him and Antti Kokko (who played on A Virgin and a Whore and also plays in Kalmah); both have strong thrash metal roots and so on.

Also, as EToS has been around for almost twenty years and has had six albums released, it takes more time to try to find something new for the songs. It would be relatively easy just to write something in the style of old EToS. But 1) Chaotic Beauty part 2 wouldn’t sound as good as the original album and 2) it wouldn’t be an interesting album to make. For us, making songs and albums is a journey, an exploration into something new. It may sound selfish and naive – but we write songs for ourselves only. If a majority of the members like a song, it will be recorded for the album.

Anyway, things happen a bit more slowly nowadays than they did ten or fifteen years ago. Since Before the Bleeding Sun (our first album after the four-year break) was the first album on which we divided the recording sessions in two main sessions. In addition, between 1998 and 2001 we had three albums out (1998: Vilda Mánnu, 2000: Chaotic Beauty, 2001: A Virgin and a Whore) in just three years, which sounds incredible nowadays.

But that happens with almost every band. No matter how badly you’d like new material to be released as frequently and quickly as possible, there are many things that slow you down. You could say we set our standards higher and higher year by year. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

15 Years Online!

Good morning/evening/whatever guys and gals!

Sometimes it’s time for a tiny celebration. This time, it’s our website whose first version came online in February 1996. Unfortunately, the first version of our website is not archived anywhere but a 12-year-old version can be found here: http://web.archive.org/web/19990219104342/www.student.oulu.fi/~jpuolaka/etos.html At that time, our second album ‘Vilda Mánnu’ had just came out and we we’re going to have our first line-up change.

I remember creating our first website..  Things were so different back then. No Youtube, no Facebook, no MySpace, no Flash, just plain websites with text and graphics. It took quite a while to create a low-quality 30-second MP3 file and upload it onto the server. And it took minutes for people to download the file in order to listen to this low-quality music clip. Well, anyway, the most fundamental thing for having a website was the same: a band needs to communicate with the people who listen to the band’s music. Interaction, that’s the word.

Well, what about ‘right here, right now?’ We’re finishing our first batch of songs for the first recording session that takes place in late April. We could easily praise and drone on the new songs.. But we just say “it’s good stuff and we’re happy and satisfied with the new songs”.

There will be more news here once we start recording the material.

Thanks and cheers,

Jarmo P. & EToS

P.S. Oh, by the way, just in case you didn’t notice: we’re headlining Jalometalli Winterfest in late March.

Finnish Tour Over!

We played almost a dozen gigs here in Finland since last October and they were just amazing. Later this year, we’re going to play some gigs in Romania, Germany and Russia, so come check us out if you’re around at that time! We’re also preparing new material to be recorded in 2011 and we hope to get the album out by the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012. But that’s just a tentative schedule. We’ll let you know when we get further information…