Time to Get Back on the Road!

As some of you may have heard, we announced a couple of Japanese live shows that will be played in late August. And there may be some more dates to come this year.

It is true that we have been quite quiet during the past three years. The only visible thing we’ve done after releasing Saivon lapsi was a festival gig in June 2013. After that, we were quite inactive.


Well, we’ve done this since the early 90s. And there have been many things we’ve learned. One important thing that we’ve realized that in order to keep the band wagon moving, we need to keep the whole band thing interesting to us. And we keep the thing interesting to us by doing new things. Things new and different to us.

Planning to go to Japan isn’t actually a new thing to us, as such. We were almost going to Japan in 2001. But it would have been too expensive us. Besides, at that time the band was in a turbulent stage (we were tired of the band and each other), so it wouldn’t have been a good thing to go there anyway.

But these Japanese live shows will be our first gigs outside Europe, anyway.

The whole ‘we need to do new, interesting things’ mantra doesn’t affect our gigging rate only. It also affects our song-writing. After three symphonic albums, we want to create something completely different. Our music can’t get any bigger any more.

We need to re-invent our style, once again. If you listen to our fourth album (A Virgin and a Whore) and our fifth album (Before the Bleeding Sun), they don’t sound similar at all. Now, we need to make a similar move.

So, we can’t promise you a new album soon. Not yet. But we’ll let you know when something happens. Something worth mentioning, that is.


Jarmo Puolakanaho & Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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