Time to Celebrate


I just wanted to tell you that Eternal Tears of Sorrow officially turns twenty years this month! (Unofficially, we may be 21 or 22 years old… But that depends on whether the pre-EToS projects are included or not.)

In May 1994, there were three of us: Altti, Olli-Pekka and I recording our first demo tape (or a promo tape or whatever you want to call it) called “The Seven Goddesses of Frost”. At that time, we had just one dream: to have a release with our name on the front cover. Basically, anything would have been good for us: an LP, a 7″ EP, a CD. Three years later, we had our debut album out and ever since, the years have been wonderful.

During the years, the band has changed a bit and so has our music. But EToS is still the same band with the same attitude. Unfortunately, our lives have changed as well, so we can’t spent all of our free-time on this band anymore, which means we’ll have to take it a bit slower nowadays.

But don’t you worry… We will break this spell of inactivity sooner or later. There’s no way you can get rid of us! I don’t know when this is going to happen. Perhaps this year. Or next year.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the official EToS ritual drink to celebrate our twenty years. Or you can take a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Or a beer or a glass of wine. Or a glass of milk. Or a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Whatever makes you feel good.

Anyway, all you need for the official EToS ritual drink is vodka, Bacardi, tequila and gin. Taken from  the liner notes of our second album, Vilda Mánnu: “Eternal Tears of Sorrow ritual drink: 4cl Vodka, 4cl Gin, 4cl Tequila, 4cl Bacardi. Served without ice at room temperature. Have a nice day!” But very, very, very carefully! Remember, we have warned you!

Cheers and thanks to everyone!

On behalf of all the people who play or have played in this band,

Jarmo Puolakanaho

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