15 Years Online!

Good morning/evening/whatever guys and gals!

Sometimes it’s time for a tiny celebration. This time, it’s our website whose first version came online in February 1996. Unfortunately, the first version of our website is not archived anywhere but a 12-year-old version can be found here: http://web.archive.org/web/19990219104342/www.student.oulu.fi/~jpuolaka/etos.html At that time, our second album ‘Vilda Mánnu’ had just came out and we we’re going to have our first line-up change.

I remember creating our first website..  Things were so different back then. No Youtube, no Facebook, no MySpace, no Flash, just plain websites with text and graphics. It took quite a while to create a low-quality 30-second MP3 file and upload it onto the server. And it took minutes for people to download the file in order to listen to this low-quality music clip. Well, anyway, the most fundamental thing for having a website was the same: a band needs to communicate with the people who listen to the band’s music. Interaction, that’s the word.

Well, what about ‘right here, right now?’ We’re finishing our first batch of songs for the first recording session that takes place in late April. We could easily praise and drone on the new songs.. But we just say “it’s good stuff and we’re happy and satisfied with the new songs”.

There will be more news here once we start recording the material.

Thanks and cheers,

Jarmo P. & EToS

P.S. Oh, by the way, just in case you didn’t notice: we’re headlining Jalometalli Winterfest in late March.

3 thoughts on “15 Years Online!

  1. nice,now i need to admit that im really curious how the new album is gonna sound….but u gys neverr disappoints,cheers!

  2. hey`..wssup …
    jesus`! y0u`re fuckin awesome..
    hey …. great lyrics
    change the negative of s0me songs …get comercial and u`ll make a lot of fuckin` m0ney…
    really` you have a big potential.. btw..your manager sucks ….
    you`re too good to stay hidden ……
    ( my opinion) ..
    goodluck and have a nice life 😉 …
    ….. a lot of people needs your songs , make a diference , d0n`t stay hidden in metal…. that`s selfish and supid !
    fukin` love ya !

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